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Star Wars Weekends 2012 - 2 Action Figure set Rizzo as Jedi Master Yoda Limited Release 2012 & Donald Duck as Darth Maul Sneak Preview Series 6 figure event packaging LE 600

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RARE - Donald Duck as Darth Maul Action Figure in Sneak Preview Packaging from Disney Star Wars Weekend 2012 Wave 6 Limited Edition 600
Official Disney Star Wars Weekend 2012 and Celebration VI (C6) the Muppets Rizzo as Jedi Master Yoda Action Figure ~ Limited Release

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Disney Star Wars Weekends 2012
Set of 2 Action Figures

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Rizzo as Jedi Master Yoda "Limited Release" 2012 & Donald Duck as Darth Maul "Sneak Preview" Series 6 figure" event packaging LE  600 ©Dizdude.com

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  • Rizzo as Jedi Master Yoda "Limited Release" 2012 & Donald Duck as Darth Maul "Sneak Preview" Series 6 figure" event packaging LE  600 ©Dizdude.com
  • Donald Duck as Darth Maul © Dizdude.com
  • Rizzo From The Muppets as Jedi Master Yoda © Dizdude.com


Star Wars 2 Action Figure set Rizzo as Jedi Master Yoda Limited Release 2012 & Donald Duck as Darth Maul Sneak Preview Series 6 figure event packaging LE 600

This Action Figure set sold out and is very unique with historical significance making it especially important item to all Star Wars, Disney and Star Wars Weekends fans, attendees and collectors. For years after the start of Star Wars Weekends Disney artists wanted to create Star Wars and Disney character mash ups but could not as they needed Lucas's permission, eventually they received his permission. And this Star Wars mash up figure set was personally approved by George Lucas. A few years later Disney purchased LucasFilm Ltd. After purchase of LucasFilm, ironically in 2015 at D-23 Disney announced the end to the combo or mash up Disney Star Wars figures. Apparently due to LucasFilm's decision not to permit them. So we have come full circle now with LucasFilm deciding what Disney does with regards to Star Wars. This Disney Star Wars Action Figure now is retired in so many ways.

Because the announcement August 2015 by Disney of the end of Star Wars mash up figures, logos and characters and with the official termination of the Star Wars Weekends announced November 9th, 2015 that makes this Disney Star Wars Mash Up Action Figure released during Star Wars Weekends rare (historical figures so to speak) with no more mash ups and no more Star Wars Weekends that increases their uniqueness, value and therefore their desirability to any Star Wars, Disney or Star Wars Weekends attendee or collector now and into the future.

The deeper effect of new order star wars

In addition it now seems likely that Disney and LucasFilms, which controls the new Star Wars film franchise, will focus on and promote a different agenda with characters they have and will invent. This will most likely reform the Star Wars franchise at Disney as it will be using the movies and animation series characters which they invented and which will be designed to promote new LucasFilms Ltd and Disney world view which will most help their corporations with their world concepts effecting the future. This most likely will increase demand for the George Lucas's Classic Star Wars character items approved by him, from the original trilogies and those with original Star Wars actors' autographs and mash up action and character figures, cels, prints, medium big figurines etc from Star Wars Weekends. The legends of the specialness of this ultimate magical event for Star Wars fans who made the pilgrimage to attend from all over the world will surely grow as time passes and the availability of items from the events will become increasingly rare. It marks the end of both the creative genius of the George Lucas Star Wars era and the magical Disney Star Wars Weekends era too. These figures are from both the George Lucas Star Wars era and the amazing Disney Star Wars Weekends events era. They were personally approved by George Lucas before he sold LucasFilm which makes them rare and more desirable for collectors as time passes, as no more items from either of those two eras can be produced.

Put them in your collection and you will be able to enjoy your investment in this beauty as it appreciates over the years and will be a classic and sought after item for all serious Star Wars, Disney, and Star Wars Weekends attendees, fans and collectors.

Figure1) Donald Duck as Darth MaulThis is a "Sneak Preview" very Limited Edition 600 action figure with special Star Wars Weekends 2012 event packaging. The event logo is on the back with a picture of the other Disney characters coming in series 6 and says "Sneak Preview Series 6" and "Star Wars Weekends 2012" on the front

"Sneak Preview" packaging LE 600 sold out during Star Wars Weekends 2012 - VERY RARE

Link to Donald Duck as Darth Maul Action Figure

Figure2) Rizzo as Yoda – This is the tenth figure in the Muppets characters as Star Wars characters series. Rizzo is a limited time release figure created only for Star Wars Weekends 2012

Link to Rizzo as Jedi Master YodaDonald Duck as Darth Maul and Donald Duck as Savage Opress is also available in a set AUTOGRAPHED by the 3 Disney artists who signed the packaging during the Star Wars Weekends 2012 event and who created the packaging artwork click here - We get it 4 U!™

Additional Information

Disney Star Wars Weekends Item Yes
Manufacturer Disney & LucasFilms
Limited Release Yes this is a Limited Release
Limited Edition Yes, there were only a limited amount created
Limited Edition Size Yes, we get it 4 U!
Year of Release 2012
Release Date May 18, 2012
Disney World Park Exclusive Item Yes ~ We got it 4 U!™
Star Tours / Park Exclusive Item Yes
Autographed No
Collector Item Yes
Ships to International Orders Welcome!!

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