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(SOLD OUT) U can Build-A-Droid here ~ Droid Factory Outlet™ Series 1 Star Wars Astromech Build A Droid Factory with Hasbro made parts ~ Customize Ur Droid™

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Star Wars Build-A-Droid Factory Droids Series 1 (2012)

We still have some remaining to build droids in this series 1. But all solid Black, Blue, Green and Red Bodies and Solid Black, Green and Blue Legs have sold out. Parts sell out each week.

As low as 23.95 each*
U pick it and We build it 4 U!™
*As low as 23.95 each
with Quantity Price Discounts ~ The more droids, the more you save on each one!

Current Quantity Price Discounts are:
  1 = 36.95 each (no discount)
  2 = $6 OFF each droid ~ 30.95 each
  4 =
$8 OFF each droid ~ 28.95 each
  8 =
$10 OFF each droid ~ 26.95 each
16 =
$12 OFF each droid ~ 24.95 each
25 = $13 OFF each droid ~ 23.95 each
Discount is automatically applied on your cart's subtotal before checkout. All Build-A-Droid series 1 and 2 & Pick-A-Hat droids count towards your Quantity Price Discount

U pick it and We build it 4 U!™
Rumors have been confirmed that these items have been discontinued by Disney at Star Wars Weekends 2015 and replaced with Series 2, but we still have some dwindling parts remaining in stock and available! Sadly when these sell out they wont be available ever again.

We suggest U click and print the 4 images of droid parts lists (to left) before starting, makes creating and choosing your droid parts convenient.

7 steps to building your DROID if you are unfamiliar with parts or which colors you can print the 4 droid parts charts photos to left.
Step 1: Choose your BODY

Step 2: Choose your DOME
Step 3: Choose your LEFT LEG
Step 4: Choose your RIGHT LEG
Step 5: Choose your MIDDLE LEG
Step 6: Choose your HAT
Step 7: Add it to the cart then click on "keep shopping" to build the next droid

For a complete set of droids incorporating all currently available parts click here
(For more detailed information: please scroll to bottom of page below the parts list)


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  • "DRIOD FACTORY" sign at Anakin's Workbench at his home on Tattoine @ Star Tours ~ © DIZDUDE.COM
  • The 6 pieces of to construct your driod U Can Build it here, we ship it to U ~ © DIZDUDE.COM
  • Step 1 ~ choose one of these 13 Droid Bodies (pic is for Series 1) ~ © DIZDUDE.COM
  • Step 2 ~ choose one of the 25 Droid Domes (pic is for Series 1) go to next step ~ © DIZDUDE.COM
  • Steps 3, 4 & 5 ~ choose one of the 5 colors of the Middle Legs (optional) and choose one of 10 Left And Right Legs color schemes (pic is for Series 1) then go to step 6 ~ © DIZDUDE.COM
  • 6th and final step ~ you choose one of 8 Droid hats (optional) and you completed one (pic is for Series 1)...then start over to create your next droid~ © DIZDUDE.COM
  • Reusable Clam Shell Blister Display Case series one (series 2 is blue background) ~ Single Pack ~ © DIZDUDE.COM
  • Reusable Clam Shell Blister Display Case Series one only (Series 2 has only single clamshels with blue background)~ Double Pack ~ © DIZDUDE.COM
  • We will include a self adhesive set of letter/ number symbol stickers so you will get to name your unique droid ~ © DIZDUDE.COM


 Disney Star Wars Astromech Build-A-Droid Factory @ Star Tours Hollywood Studios

Series 1 droids (released in 2012) ~ only some parts still remain available
(wont be replaced when sold out)

Not available elsewhere ~ We build it 4 U!™
"These are the Droids your searching for"

There are 7 steps to building your DROID if you are not familiar with the parts or are uncertain which colors U want please enlarge or print the 4 parts charts photos to help with your choices.

Step 1: Choose your BODY
Step 2: Choose your DOME
Step 3: Choose your LEFT LEG
Step 4: Choose your RIGHT LEG
Step 5: Choose your MIDDLE LEG
Step 6: Choose your HAT
Step 7: Add it to the cart then click on "keep shopping" to build the next one.

"Droid" is a common shortening of the word for Android. These Star Wars Astromech droid parts in these color patterns are not available elsewhere in our Galaxy. Parts are exclusive to this Build-A-Droid R-series from Star Tours attraction. The R6, R7 and R9 domes were created exclusively for these droids and have never before been made available.  For the quanity discount we combine all completed droids. All droids you create count towards your discount total, both the Build-A-Droid and Pick-A-Hat ones. The more you choose the more you save on each droid.Anakin Skywalker's Droid Work bench

You can build your own individual droid figures. That way you can personally create the unique droid you are looking for. Parts selection varies from time to time. If you see parts you want now, on your next visit they may be changed out and a different selection could be available. Parts sell out or may become unavailable in the future. Its always best to use them while they are available to avoid disappointment later on.

Our Droid Factory Outlet™ Build-A-Droid Factory has 71 different pieces to create the 3 ¾-inch figures! Availability of various parts and colors may change and we try to keep them current. There are optional third legs and novelty hats that can be added. There are literally thousands of part and color combinations ~ you can make each of your droids unique and to your own design. Check back often as we will be adding new ones to our Droid Factory Outlet™ inventory from time to time as they become available.

Build them and collect them with the exclusive Disney hats and domes in colors your looking for, fun to use them with other Disney Star Tours action figures and with the Disney playsets like the Starspeeder 1000. Collectors love them and kids like to make them as the parts are interchangeable. These droids make great gifts. Building suggestion: Incorporate your favorite character or logo colors to personalize them for your collection, create one for the office, home, school (with your school or college colors), and they make great gifts for relatives and friends. Happy building!

Each Droid you build can have up to 6 parts

EaDroid 6 Partsch R-series Droid consist of 6 pieces a Hat, Dome, Body, Right Leg, Left Leg, and Middle Leg, legs do move and have wheels on the bottom. Series 2 legs have legs that are interchangeable and not side specific as series 1 legs were either right or left legs. Series 2 legs can be used on right or left. Hats and middle legs are optional. The dome can also swivel. The third leg does not retract but can be added or removed same as the hats. The parts are interchangeable and can be removed if desired. A sticker label sheet is included for you to create a name for your droid to place in its name plate on its home ~ a reusable clear clam shell /blister display case is included to hold your droid or pair of droids.

Droids from our photos

Let the photos of the numerous exclusive R-series Astromech droids we already built inspire your imagination ....if you may even see one or more of the droids your looking for and that makes it easy to choose then We build it 4 U!™ after you Pick-A-Hat™ for your droid from the Disney inspired Goofy's hat, Indiana Jones hat, Yoda's Ears hat, Pirate Jack Sparrow's hat, or a Mickey Mouse set of ears in classic black, or green, red or blue! Then We build it 4U!™ and ship your droids to you. Both the ones you choose from pictures in these pages plus the ones you design to Build-A-Droid™ count towards your total quantity droid discount.
Complete Set of all 25 Droids

Completed Droid Sets

Are the droids your looking for a completed droid set of series 2 droids with all currently available parts? click here  


Prices and parts are subject to change at anytime; when Star Tours increased prices we increased these prices too.
In case of a part shortage longer than a 2 week wait we normally contact you so you can choose another hat or part or decide to wait until the one you ordered arrives. No guarantee that parts will not be discontinued. Some part quantities may vary from photo but all parts are included for the complete set. These customized items are non returnable and non exchangeable.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Hasbro parts made for Disney & LucasFilms
Collector Item Yes
Year of Release 2012
Disney World Park Exclusive Item This item is only available at Disney Hollywood Studios - We build it 4 U!™
Movie / character this is from Star Wars
Ships to International Orders Welcome!!

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