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Black Vender Protocol Droid from Disney Star Wars Build-A-Droid Factory

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Black Vender Protocol Droid
Build-A-Droid Factory

Quantity Price Discounts: ~ The more droids you get, the more you save on each!
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Current discount prices are:
1 = 36.95 each ~ no discount
2 = $6 OFF each droid ~ 30.95 each
4 = $8 OFF each droid ~ 28.95 each
8 = $10 OFF each droid ~ 26.95 each
16 = $12 OFF each droid ~ 24.95 each

25+ = $13 OFF each droid ~ 23.95 each

Your Discount will be automatically given on subtotal in your cart before checkout. All completed droids count towards your discount total, both the Build-A-Droid and Pick-A-Hat droids plus the Build-A-Protocol droids.

Black Vender Protocol Droid from Disney Star Wars Build-A-Droid Factory © Dizdude.com

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  • Black Vender Protocol Droid from Disney Star Wars Build-A-Droid Factory © Dizdude.com


Black Vender Protocol Droid from Disney Star Wars Build-A-Droid Factory

Black Vender Protocol Droid
Disney Star Wars Build-A-Droid Factory

Not available elsewhere ~ We get it 4 U!™
"This is the Droid your looking for"

A protocol droid is a type of droid designed to assist the different species in their relations with one another. Protocol droids were programmed mostly for etiquette, and were often used as translators between the species or between owner and computers. They were generally designed to look like the species they would be serving; for example, 3PO-series protocol droids were humanoid. They possessed knowledge about various cultures and customs, both to advise those for whom they serve, and to ensure their own behavior was diplomatic and culturally sensitive.

All different types of droids populate the Star Wars galaxy. Each droid is different with their own unique personality and colors variations. Typically a protocol droid is 1.7 meters tall, protocol droids come in many shapes and sizes, although mostly are humanoid in form. Notable models included Cybot Galactica's 3PO unit and Arakyd Industries' RA-7.

These Star Wars Protocol droid parts in these color patterns are not available elsewhere in our Galaxy. Parts are exclusive to the Build-A-Droid factory at the Star Tours attraction. For the quantity discount we combine all completed droids. All droids you create count towards your discount total, both the Build-A-Droid and Pick-A-Hat ones plus the Protocol Droids. The more you choose the more you save on each droid.Anakin Skywalker's Droid Work bench

Parts selection varies from time to time. If you see droids you want now, on your next visit they may be changed out and a different selection could be available. Parts sell out or may become unavailable in the future. Its always best to use them while they are available to avoid disappointment later on.

Our Protocol Droid Factory Outlet™ Build-A-Droid Factory has a potential of 126 pieces (counting right and left arms and legs) to create the 3 ¾-inch figures! However all 126 parts have not been available so we are offering only full completed Protocol Build-A-Droids for those which are currently available. Availability of various parts and colors does change and we try to keep them current. There are literally thousands of part and color combinations which you can create as the parts are interchangeable. Check back often as we will be adding new droids to our Droid Factory Outlet™ inventory from time to time as they become available. Completed Droids come with letter stickers to name your droid and in a single blue droid factory resealable clamshell protective case for its home.

Prices and parts are subject to change at anytime; when Star Tours increased prices we increased these prices too. We do not ever expect any decrease in their prices. In case of a part shortage longer than a 2 week wait we normally contact you so you can choose another hat or part or decide to wait until the one you ordered arrives. No guarantee that parts will not be discontinued. Many have been discontinued. Some part quantities may vary from photo but all parts are included for the complete set. These customized items are non returnable and non exchangeable.Protocol Build-A-Droids are currently available in completed form.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Disney & LucasFilms
Collector Item Yes
Year of Release 2017
Disney World Park Exclusive Item This item is only available at the theme park - We Build it 4 U!™
Movie / character this is from Star Wars
Ships to International Orders Welcome!!

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